Henderson Turf TTTF Seed

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Our grass seed is composed of 85 percent Tall Fescue, 10 percent Kentucky Bluegrass, and five percent Perennial Rye. Henderson Turf grass seed will be able to access water and nutrients at a deep level and is able to take the pressures of sun, shade, and heat, while still looking great. The Kentucky Bluegrass component adds additional rhizome activity to provide a quicker recovery from injury or traffic. This is the same seed we use in our fields, except we have added perennial rye to the blend for quicker germination.

Seed Care

Watering: If watered properly, seed should germinate within 7-14 days. In general, 15 mins of watering, morning and evening should be sufficient. Though current temperatures will drastically affect this. As your new grass grows, you can water longer and less frequently, this will encourage roots to extend deeper into the soil.

We suggest applying a starter fertilizer at the time of planting. Starter fertilizer will be high in phosphorous and will keep nutrients readily available as the new grass is established. Do not apply weed control until the new grass has been mowed a minimum of three times.