Hydroseeding is the process of combining seed, hydro-mulch, fertilizer, tackifier (bonding agent), and water to create a thick slurry similar to paper-mache to be sprayed onto the ground. The slurry is transported in a truck-mounted tank to the job site and sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer. Hydroseeding offers many advantages to the traditional process of merely broadcasting the seed on the ground and covering with straw mulch. The hydroseeding slurry is designed to provide even ground coverage. As it forms a barrier to keep everything in place, it will stabilize the seed to allow it to uptake the moisture, fertilizer, and amendments it needs to grow quickly. The mulch fiber will help reduce erosion from wind, water, and it will insulate the soil from temperature fluctuation. Eventually, the mulch will break down and provide the land with extra nutrients and organic matter.

We offer a broad range of hydroseeding solutions and will customize to each sites unique requirements and characteristics.

A sample of some solutions we offer are:

  • Customized seed blends- Virtually any seed blend can be customized to your specific project requirements and be applied from the hydroseeder.
  • 70/30 Wood-Paper Mulch- Non-toxic and environmentally safe, this economical hydro-mulch is designed to aid in vegetation establishment on a golf course, commercial or residential prosperities, reclamation work, or heavy highways.
  • Engineered Soil Media– designed for sites with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. Engineered Soil Media (ESM) will help soils reach their fullest potential for vegetative establishment. Often ESM is covered with a hydraulic mulch for best erosion control.
  • Hydraulic Erosion Control Mulch – A Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) offers you the greatest assurance of success, especially when site conditions are extreme and design safety is critical. It’s the ideal choice for erosion control that demands functional longevity. Use FGM for dormant seeding, long-term protection in arid climates, and other projects needing extended protection. FGM is an excellent alternative to traditional rolled erosion control blankets. For more information on the benefits or FGM over traditional erosion control


  • Is there a minimum size area required for hydroseeding?

    Our area of focus and equipment setup is mainly suited for commercial projects and large residential jobs. For this reason, we have a minimum charge of $1500 to mobilize for any project.

  • How do I prepare the area that needs to be hydro seeded?

    There is not much difference than the way you would prep the area for sod or seeding conventionally. However, preparing the ground for hydroseeding is an essential part of the entire process. Remove existing grass and weeds. If there is an excessive amount of vegetation in the area, a non-selective herbicide, such as Roundup, can be sprayed over the entire area to kill unwanted weeds. If topsoil is brought in, use a minimum of four inches, then level, roll, and rake the area, so the first inch is loose and fluffy. If you have a large area, a quad or lawn tracker with a set of harrows can be used to loosen up the soil. After you harrow, you can use a piece of chain link fence or turn the harrows upside down to remove the grooves and make it smooth. You need to ensure that the topsoil is not hard packed. Be sure the surface is free of any debris, large rocks, leaves, and sticks. Once the site is fully prepared, give us a call, and we will book a date to hydroseed your new lawn for you.

  • How long will it take before I see results?

    Depending upon watering or rainfall amounts, a properly hydro seeded lawn should show results in as little as 14 to 21 days and should be ready for the first cut in six to eight weeks.

  • When is the best time of year to hydroseed?
    • Spring – gives you a jump on a beautiful lush lawn for summer and fall.
    • Summer – depending on your vacation schedule, the summer can be an excellent time to hydroseed. Make sure you water a little more frequently due to the hot weather.
    • Fall – gives you a beautiful lush lawn for the following spring. The grass will be a little thin in the fall, but by next spring it will thicken up and fill in nicely. You will have a nicely established lawn the following spring.
  • Will the green mulch stain my sidewalks, driveway, or house siding?

    No. The green mulch will not stain any of the above surfaces. If the mulch gets on any surfaces, it is merely removed with water. Also, mulch is not harmful to pets or people.

  • Do you guarantee my lawn will grow?

    Henderson Turf guarantees to use only high quality, certified products in our seeding process. Henderson Turf ensures seed germination in 21 days if watering instructions listed on our website are followed. Henderson Turf will re-seed any areas that do not germinate properly, for up to 30 days, from initial seed installation because of a product or quality failure. Any bare areas due to improper watering, runoff from hard surfaces, vandalism, or acts of God are not covered under written warranty. It is understood and agreed that the recipient of the proposal, whether signed or not signed, concurs with the above warranty once work has commenced. Henderson Turf does not warranty seeded lawn to be immune from weeds, fungus, or disease; any such conditions will void (are not covered under) warranty. This warranty is for thirty (30) days from seed installation. Henderson Turf requests warranty claims to be made in writing for warranty consideration. Henderson Turf will not be responsible for neglect, acts of nature or situations beyond our control.