Henderson Turf Tall Fescue Sod

Henderson Turf Tall Fescue is an adaptable sod/turfgrass designed for all-around living. If you are looking for a superior turf that can handle regular use, resist drought, and disease, then Henderson Turf sod is your ideal choice. Fescue beautifies your landscape while providing a natural environment that’s child and pet friendly. Fescue’s texture and fast germination make it an excellent choice for front or backyard applications.

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Our grass seed is composed of 85 percent Tall Fescue, 10 percent Perennial Rye, and five percent Kentucky Bluegrass. Henderson Turf grass seed will be able to access water and nutrients at a deep level and is able to take the pressures of sun, shade, and heat, while still looking great. The Kentucky Bluegrass component adds additional rhizome activity to provide a quicker recovery from injury or traffic. This is the same seed we use in our fields, except we have added perennial rye to the blend for quicker germination.

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Our Black dyed mulch provides excellent contrast for your more colorful plants. Processed twice.

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