At Henderson Turf we not only grow sod but we also install it too. Our teams of turf professionals have over 50 years of experience installing sod on residential and commercial properties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Henderson Turf has always invested in the industries most advanced equipment and sod installation practices; we’ve even pioneered a few of our own along the way.

Whether you perform the soil preparation or we do, our teams of turf professionals are ready to install our legendary “BIG ROLLS” on your commercial or residential project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss how your project can go from dirt to grass in one day.

Benefits of Big Roll Sod Installation

Erosion prevention

Protection of a vital natural resource – Big Roll Sod offers immediate soil stabilization, reducing soil loss to storm drains, stream channels and roadside ditches. Big Roll sod provides superior erosion control and can accept heavy rains without erosion or damage. Once properly placed, big roll sod stays in place.

70% Fewer Seams

Fewer seams give your finished project a more established appearance. Weed seeds from the underlying soil have 70% fewer areas to invade your new lawn. Big rolls require fewer herbicide applications. A sodded lawn needs minimal, if any, to control weeds because the sod is cultivated using the highest quality seed. A reduced amount of seams limits the drying out and shrinkage factor that sometimes occurs with small rolls during the grow-in stage- fewer edges to dry out, less water to apply and a more unified look.

Increases Home Value

Gallup survey reported that more than 60% of homeowners felt that investments in landscape add about 15% to the value of a home according to buyers.

Playable Sooner

Big rolls have fewer seams than traditional sod, meaning athletes are less likely to tear fresh installs. Fields can be played on in as little as two weeks after installation. If you need to use them sooner, we also offer thick cut  big roll sod. The added weight means you can use the field almost immediately after installation.

How to Install Sod: A Step-By-Step Guide

Our professional sod installation service transforms your lawn into a pristine, healthy outdoor space that will thrive with proper care and maintenance. Whether you’re hiring our team for your commercial or residential installation or looking to learn more about the sod installation process, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’re proud to offer a guide that provides you with step-by-step explanations behind the process and precision of installing new sod.