Ground Preparation

The first step is proper ground preparation. This step is commonly taken for granted, yet is critical for proper seed germination. This step is so crucial that Henderson Turf has invested in the industries best tools to prepare the soil for seeding. These tools allow the ground to be loosened to the optimum depth, removes vegetation, and debris, level the ground with a beautiful contour and then rake the soil leaving a perfect seedbed behind.

Brillion Seeding

Unlike most companies that hydroseed, we go an extra step using a Brillion drill seeder. This seeder presses the seed into the soil to the proper depth to create better seed to soil contact for optimum seed germination.

Mulch Cover Application

Hydro mulch or straw mulch can be utilized. When hydro mulching soil additives can be customized for your specific project to aid in the seed germination process. The initial fertilizer application is applied with the hydro mulch. If straw mulch is your desired cover, fertilizer will be applied utilizing a broadcast method from one of Henderson Turfs specialized pieces of equipment.